Designed and made  by Felipe.

Tops - Exclusive material created for this collection, made by hand and from waste of wool yarn.

3D CNC(3axis) sculpted  shoes, designed by Felipe and made by Laerke Olsen - ELLO.

Pants - Textiles by Gvallone Têxtil Brazil.

"The collection is inspired by the ocean and is greatly influenced by the opposition of different cultures that I faced during all my life. I have used a mixture of embroidery techniques and handweaving that is combined with the newest technologies of 3D printing. Aiming for sustainability, the collection consists of reused materials and yarn leftovers collected from different places all over the world in order to minimize waste."


TEMPUS was a project that represents a moment when time was questionable, or even non-existent. I've always been fascinated about  time, so I wanted to portray the life of a "girl" who wakes up lost in an unknown place and reality. It is not possible to know whether she is human or part of a scientific experience. I tried to work with antagonistic elements in the costumes and the location chosen for the editorial. The clothes have characteristics of different parts of the fashion  history, from the XVIII century until the decade of 90.   





The Shadow Twins is a collection that was developed in the period when I moved from Brazil to Denmark. In the collection and editorial I express this ambiguity of feelings that I carried with me at that moment of my life. The conflict of different information that converged in one place. This collection is like two twin sisters separated at birth, they grew up in different places but somehow they were always connected. The aesthetics of the clothes are also inspired by the horror movies in the late 90's combined with elements of the new generation.

In the construction process of the pieces, I chose to mix classic and contemporary pattern making techniques and I also present an exclusive collar, designed and developed by me.


PERU: Desacralization and Epiphany

It all started when...


The imaginary that oscillates between the past and the present brings to light the influence of European knowledge on the local garments of the colored mountains of the New World. This creative team immersed itself in the tradition of Peruvian culture, strolled through places in the region, and considered world heritage sites of humanity. And that way, the local clothing and habits , with audacity and liberty, have been desecrated and dissolved, honoring each one of these paradises presenting a new look and a new silhouette.

In this collection you will find natural yarns, layers, handmade embroidery and timeless elegance.

The result is a mix of mystery, opulence, history and poetry.



Textilles - Gvallone Têxtil (Brazil)

Jewellery - ELLO (Denmark)

B i E i T i W i E i E i N   L i I i N i E i S


In this collection I chose to mix two big passions of my life: Geometry and Japanese culture. The collection is exclusively composed of striped pieces in different shapes. A set of overlays, geometric shapes and an abstraction of classic Japanese and European garbs such like the masculine simple Shirt, the tradicional kimono, the tailor's pants, among others.
In a more abstract way I want to show how complex human interaction is. I show the complexity in communicating with someone else who often chooses a non-literal and objective way to express himself.