Felipe Coelho is a Brazilian designer based in Copenhagen. Coming from the culturally rich environment of Brazil, life is built on the symbiosis of cultural and social differences. The brand Felipe is designed and produced in Copenhagen, with fair collaboration between Copenhagen and São Paulo. Sales are directed at Copenhagen and Brazil online. Production is based on the slow fashion model, with pre-order garments, specialized pattern making techniques for reducing waste for maximum sustainable and responsible production. Natural materials and textiles from Brazil are used in the garments.


At Felipe, design transcends gender, age and time merging multicultural influences and common interests of the arts across all demographics. The garments focus on social inclusion, sustainability and go beyond superficial differences. Plurality and juxtaposition are inherent in our DNA. Rhythm and aesthetics are balanced with a dynamic path of evolution and constant motion where the unpredictable is consistent. Felipe conveys a message that transforms from collection to collection, constantly changing and evolving. Diversity and social inclusion is not a trend, it is essential for life in this globally connected world; it is integral to our design ethos.